Dating ohhh dating…..

When your heart is treated poorly you have to find a way to pick up the pieces and glue your broken self back together, you do just that. As I have glued myself back together, I find a more cautious and slightly jaded side. I am starting this blog because I am finding the dating... Continue Reading →

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The Friend With (Almost) Benefits

This story actually starts out completely differently (which is why I had high hopes for a moment) so try not to be shocked! I met Amy at a bar in town that I had never gone to. A friend of mine was playing a concert and was wrapping up his set when a beautiful woman... Continue Reading →

The Gypsy

Okay, okay so finally time for a story in which I actually liked the person for a hot minute (and thought she liked me too)!! And yes, I met her online. Shoshone was her name and playing around with me was her game. The first 8 hours I spent with her were pure bliss. I... Continue Reading →

A Few Words On (Anti) Social Media

I used to like social media alright. Key words used to. I loved MySpace when it first came out and wanted my page to do cool things just like my "friends". I will never forget asking my old cuz how to do something and she told me the coding and I changed one little thing... Continue Reading →

A Few Words On Marriage

I find myself wondering why I have never been married.....then I remember that I never had a relationship with a guy that lasted for more than 6 months and I get into relationships with women that last for years but end in toxicity. No matter whom or where I meet people, I always check to... Continue Reading →

A Few Words On Trust

Trust is a necessity in my life. I used to trust people too easily and have had my heart broken in the process many times. I trust people until they give me a reason not to trust them and then I continue giving people chances even after my trust has been broken. Many chances to... Continue Reading →

The (Overly) Excessive Talker

This story begins like all my other dating blogs. I met Kim online. We conversed a bit via text and I got drunk one night and talked on the phone with her for about an hour. Apparently I lose ALL inhibition when I am drunk and will actually talk to people on the phone for... Continue Reading →

A Few Words On Cheating

Cheating is a touchy subject with most people and many have varying definitions of it. In my mind there are two huge ways of cheating on someone. This can be done emotionally, physically or a mixture of both (all of which can be incredibly damaging to all parties involved). I have cheated on a significant... Continue Reading →

A Few Words On Responsibility

I'd like to take some time before my next two (possibly three) blogs about dating because I am going to run out of dating stories soon and these are things that weigh on my mind and have shaped me into the person that I am. This is in no way a cry for help, playing... Continue Reading →

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